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is to give a voice to European entrepreneurship

Welcome to the society of European entrepreneurs

The society of European entrepreneurs has been founded with the purpose to defend the interest of our members. Our members are typically entrepreneurs involved in intra-communitary business within the European Union.


The need for a European society of entrepreneurs

The European Union offers great possibilities for a company from, i.e. member state A to do business in member state B based on the principles regarding freedom of movement. This is the (legal) theory, in practise however it’s not always as easy as it should -or could- be for an entrepreneur to cross the border for his business. Although the European Union offers some level of support to resolve incidents, we believe that serious improvements are needed to get a well functioning European market without hurdles.

Nobody knows the practise better than entrepreneurs doing business within the European Union on a daily base and their experience should count. For this purpose a European society of entrepreneurs is absolutely needed to get a proper balance between theory and how things actually are in practise.

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